Growing People | Individuals

We work with individuals too – in much the same way as we work with employees. Supporting you through redundancy, career change and career uncertainty whether it is about finding alternative employment or assessing and taking stock of your career to date and considering your next career move.

One-to-one coaching/career counselling

We use a range of professional techniques through career coaching and counselling to help your career development and career decision-making. Including developing a personal brand to help you to market your skills, experience, and personality to help you stand out in the employment market.

CV writing and review service

Our CV writing and review service is all about getting you that all important interview. Recruiters take just 25 seconds to look at a CV and decide - that’s if a CV gets through the applicant tracking system (ATS) which serves to find the most relevant CV for the job.

We work with employees you to create CVs for the different job roles you are interested in. We will be able to create successful CVs – but we are also on hand to help you to create your own.

Job searching techniques

Job searching nowadays is more involved than previously with the onset of social media. We will work with you to use a range of methods including tapping into the ‘hidden job market’ and using social media sites like LinkedIn effectively to find work.

Interview skills and techniques

We will help you to enhance your interview skills, learn new techniques and practice in a safe and supportive environment where you can enhance your confidence.
Knowledge and experience of psychometric and other forms of testing will provide helpful insights in preparation for your interview.

Soft skills training

We will help you to communicate and present yourself more effectively – giving constructive feedback. We will enable you to identify and brush upon soft skills relevant to your employment.

Alternative career support

Not all individual will want to seek alternative employment. You may want to prepare for an active retirement, explore self-employment, portfolio careers, consultancy and interim opportunities, working part-time and volunteering.

Mid-life career programmes

Mid-life career programmes
Flatter structures, fewer linear career paths the need to work later in life and general expectations are making it more difficult for us to navigate our careers. Career support at critical points early or mid-career help individuals to identify what is driving the careers, where their skills lie, what they want to achieve, and develop a career that suits you and your employer.

What people say about the service

I had worked in the publishing industry for more than 30 years and GrowingPeople helped me to deal with a difficult and challenging manager who was making me feel stressed and anxious. The company, I worked for, was going through restructuring and although HR offered support it was not enough to curb the “emotional fallout”. GrowingPeople helped me to develop strategies to cope and to assess and evaluate what I really wanted – it meant that I felt more in control and empowered to deal with the situation.


It was good to have an independent objective person who would really listen to me, in a different way to say a friend or a family member, and who gave professional support to help me through (what I now know was) my career transition. I was mid-career and didn’t know what I wanted to do next…all I knew was that I wanted something different and more fulfilling… It was really about exploring possibilities and finding the one that suited me best and developing the confidence to re-market my skills, experience and knowledge to help me move on to my next career