Growing People | What we offer

Career coaching and counselling

We use a range of professional techniques through career coaching and counselling to help employees in their career development and career decision-making. Including developing a personal brand to help them to market their skills, experience, and personality to help them to standout in a competitive employment market. We provide a supportive confidential service one-to-one or in workshops via telephone or Zoom

CV writing and review service

Our CV writing and review service is all about getting employees that all-important interview. Recruiters take just 25 seconds to look at a CV before deciding - that’s if a CV gets through the applicant tracking system (ATS), which serves to find the most relevant CV for the job.

We work with employees to create CVs for the different job roles they are interested in. We ensure they receive the skills they need to be able to create successful CVs – but we are on hand to both create CVs and help them to create their own.

Job searching techniques

Job searching today is more involved than previously with the onset of social media. Employees are required to use a range of methods, including tapping into the ‘hidden job market’ and using social media sites like LinkedIn to effectively find work

Interview skills and techniques

Some employees may not have had recent experience of interviews – and therefore it’s likely they will need to enhance existing skills, learn new techniques and practise in a safe and supportive environment where they can improve their confidence.

In addition, employee knowledge and experience of psychometric and other forms of testing will provide helpful insights in preparation for the interview process.

Soft skills training

We help employees to communicate and present themselves more effectively – giving them constructive feedback and knowledge. We enable them to identify and brush upon soft skills relevant to their employability.

Alternative career support

Not all employees affected by redundancy will want to seek alternative employment. They may want to look at alternative career support includes preparing for an active retirement, exploring self-employment, portfolio careers, consultancy and interim opportunities, working part-time and volunteering.

Mid-life career programmes

Flatter structures, fewer linear career paths, the need to work later in life and general expectations are making it more difficult for us to navigate our careers. Career support at critical points early or mid-career help individuals to identify what is driving the careers, where their skills lie, what they want to achieve, and develop a career that suits them and their employers.

Exit interviewing

Social media growth and online review sites such as Glassdoor means that the reputation of employers is more important than ever before.  Allowing a ‘sounding board’ can reduce any feelings of frustration and if employees feel listened to, they are less likely to vent their concerns elsewhere.
A professional, objective exit interview provides “closure” for the employee, ensures they feel valued and creates an opportunity to leave with a positive view.  The traditional approach of a meeting with HR or a line manager can limit the quality of feedback. No matter what assurances of confidentiality are given, many departing employees are concerned that negative responses may adversely affect their references.

Our Services

How the service is provided

Career workshops

We offer group workshops offering help with CV, applications, job searching, and interviews, developing resilience and helping employees deal with change and move on with their lives.

1-to-1 coaching/career counselling

With one coach there for their entire journey, your employees can build highly personalised support around their needs, with guidance and direction from an expert. This is suitable for a range of employees but particularly senior management or executives who require a more discreet and confidential service. From assessing skills and choosing the right next step, to building strong CVs, and transforming interview performance, your employees will have the expert support they need, when they need it most.

Career clinics/surgeries

Our career clinics can provide an invaluable opportunity for employees to access 1-2-1 support, typically to help to practise the guidance provided through the workshops and to discuss any emerging issues.

What people say about the service

“Evelyn worked with Renovo delivering group workshops and one-to-one support over the period of a couple of years. The feedback received was always positive with Evelyn being described as knowledgeable, supportive and approachable. She had to deal with a few sensitive situations, which she handled well.”

Seema Smith Renovo

“I worked with Evelyn over a four-year period.  Throughout that time Evelyn provided her services as a sub-contracting Careers Consultant and helped so many of our customers with their CVs, Interviews, Career direction and objectives.  It’s always great to have someone on our Team that values our customers as much as we do.  Knowing that she always worked tirelessly to provide a professional, encouraging and knowledgeable service meant we felt completely confident in her ability to deliver the very best outcomes for every customer regardless of their requirement. 

Evelyn’s knowledge in Careers is fantastic and her great listening skills allowed customers to feel confident and comfortable in discussing their requirements which ultimately allowed for positive outcomes for all involved”

Sonia Benjamin-LeachGSS Global Solution Services